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Ray Bradbury’s world

It all started with a conversation between a Martian and a settler from Planet Earth. Althogh they spoke each other’s language, the more they talked the situation went more and more awkward. They had to realize, that something was definitely wrong.

-I came here on planet Mars, just because I appreciate the new things and here I am amazed every day. This planet is awesome.
-Well…you look to me a bit weird. Yes, our planet is awesome, but it is not your business.
-Why do you say that? I came here in a deserted country, where most of the people have been killed by smallpox. It is You and Your people who do not exist any more. You are all dead.
-Me? Come-on man, from Planet Earth! You have no mother, you have no father, you have been teleported here by ghosts. Thus it is you , who cannot be real.
-I donno what do you say about my mother and father, but I can assure you, that I am more than alive. And all my friends are also real, unlike your civilization, which is dead.
-Damn, you. We have cities, ministries, institutions, army, ambassadors, President. What else do you need as a proof that we still exists?
-Dreams…my friend, just dreams. Your ministries, your institutions do not function. You have no ambassadors, as you do not have allies either.
-We do have an army and we do have allies and friends. It is you, who does not have allies. Actually we are proud to have a wonderful Ministry of Social Affairs.
-Yup. But you have no children. So why do you need Social Ministry? You need a Hospice maybe for your dieing people.
-Partially true, but…our people are dieing because of your people.
-No. Your people are dieing, because they have no endurance. And your President is doing what? You do not have a country. What can do a president without a country?
-Oh really? Let’s say, you do have a country, but I would argue that YOU have a President.
-Boob implant!
-And now what? Should we continue insulting each other?
-Maybe one of us is totally wrong.
-I am more than sure about this my friend. But do you know what? Maybe both of us are wrong.
-I feel a bit confused. I have to wash myself in the river.
-What river? It is all dried out ages ago. That’s a samba dancer’s junkyard now. And behind that it is a carioca and a gaucho graveyard.
-What? Junkyard? Graveyard? You must be joking. That’s our wonderful capital.
-You do not have a capital, as you do not have a country either. The real capital is 500 Km to the North. And I insist, that what you see is nothing else, but a deserted diamond mine.
-If that would be so, it’s all your fault. Our mines are full with people, not with ghosts like You are.
-You mean PEOPLE like me. We are real. But where are working the dieing ghosts like you?
-I am not a dieing ghost and it is not your problem where do I work. It is top secret and our Government is in charge to give us work.
-Here we go again.
-We cannot convince each other.
-Maybe we can. May I ask you to touch me?
-Hands off…I’m not a gay.
-Never mind, I will touch your hand anyway. I want to know which of us is real. Here is my hand. Take it!
-OK, let’s shake hands

-Damn! I can’t touch you man.
-Neither do I.
-So, you must be dead.
-I am afraid, we are all dead, my friend.

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