Microsoft, Mozilla and Google have recently enhanced their Internet browsers – a good reason to take a look at the new versions and find out which one works best with PC!

New Browsers, Better Features

Chrome Google was the first to release a new browser version: Chrome 10 offers enhanced security settings and a greatly improved performance.
Internet Explorer Just a few days later, Microsoft followed with a new release of Internet Explorer (IE). The Internet Explorer is still the most popular of all browsers and with the Internet Explorer 9 Microsoft finally catches up with other browsers with respect to loading time and overall performance, too!
Firefox The last one to release a new browser version was Mozilla. As of now, Firefox 4 is the fastest and most secure browser made by Mozilla. And thousands of the so-called add-ons offer extra features and allow you to personalize Firefox according to your needs.
Safari Last but not least, Apple’s Safari 5 has been around since last summer. It also satisfies users with its better and faster performance. (By the way: Safari 5 is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.)

Overall, all new browsers score highly because of their improved performance: They load websites and applications much faster than the older versions and run more smoothly. But which one is the best for GMX?

Our Recommendation

With respect to site, Firefox 4 defends Mozilla’s pole position, loads almost twice as fast in Firefox 4 (compared to the Internet Explorer).

Of course, the browser you choose is up to you and likely to be influenced by factors other than loading time. That’s why GMX will run in any of these browsers.

However, we recommend you always use the latest version and get regular updates for your browser. This way, you won’t miss security updates and other important fixes which will further improve your browser’s overall performance.

You can download the latest browser versions with these links:

* Mozilla Firefox 4
* Safari 5
* Google Chrome 10
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 + [Windows 7 64-Bit]
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