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UEFA EURO 2012 Application for Free

Download Official UEFA EURO 2012 Application for Free

EURO 2012 euphoria is currently sweeping across the world. If you do not want to miss many things about Euro 2012, you can download the application of official UEFA EURO 2012. This application is available for almost all smartphone platforms such as Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

The UEFA EURO 2012 application contains many things about EURO 2012 include:
– Read and share the latest articles on the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament
– Set up personalised alerts for the latest news about your favourite team, including match events
– A full UEFA EURO 2012 experience: calendar, standings, lineups, players profiles, detailed statistics and photo gallery
– Live Result
– Watch players and coaches give free video interviews
– Watch match highlights (available for purchase after midnight)

Complete all its features, right? For fans of Euro 2012 are obliged to download this official EURO 2012 Applications.

The following are links to download the official UEFA EURO 2012 for the various smartphone platforms:

Official UEFA EURO 2012 Application for Blackberry:

Official UEFA EURO 2012 Application for Android:

Official UEFA EURO 2012 Application for iPhone & iPad:

Official UEFA EURO 2012 Application for Windows Phone:

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