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Software Digiarty [Giveaways]

Digiarty Software, Inc. has teamed up with seven top software vendors including famous Iobit, Easeus, Obviousidea and Hide My IP to run a big software giveaway. From June 15 to July 5 –  10,000 free copies of software in the fields of video conversion, system security, server backup, data recovery, pdf print driver and IP address hide, etc will be given away.

Also you have the benefit of buying one software and getting one more software free of cost.

Mega Software Giveaway Contest

Which are the Softwares that can be won?

If anyone wins something different feel free to share.  Good luck

What do you have to do to win the licenses?

Very simple, through a game. You have to play the slot game – click on the lever on the right hand side and wait for the figures match. Thus according to the pictures, get a free licenses of various softwares. For your convenience I have listed out the Softwares that would be given away as gifts for the particular pattern.

Winning softwares

Head over to WinXDVD Software Giveaways page and start playing.

Jack Han, CEO of Digiarty Software said:

“We often conduct software deals to benefit our users. But not all of our products can meet different appetites of users, so we decided to answer the call by adding in other software in different fields”.

You can try your luck with the game as many times as you wish to. Do not worry if you can not match the figures, as you’ll avail great discounts for the Softwares mentioned above.

Only 10,000 Software copies will be given away.

Do Share this article with all your friends so that they are fully benefited from this great offer. Also let us know what have you won through the comment section. Good Luck to all!


  1. 21 iunie 2012 la 20:57

    Partea a doua:

    Zoner Photo Studio 14 HOME
    ARZNF-WDNEN-HJTDU-72RLQ-4GKQ6 (Activate before July 10?)
    (Programul accepta codul pentru instalare)

    PS: Sper ca inclusiv prin blogul tau, vor putea beneficia de aceste programe cat mai multi utilizatori; si, cine stie, poate ca unii dintre ei se vor si decide sa cumpere candva produsele acestor firme.

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