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Magix Audio 17 SE

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 17 SE Full Version Download

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab SE
Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 17 SE Full Version Download – MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 17 SE is a gentle but powerful cleaner for all kinds of acoustic material including records, tapes, CD tracks, recorded speech, video sound, and MP3s. Digital cleaning features remove everything from light cloudiness to the worst sound abominations on noise-filled tapes, scratched records, and on MP3s that have been compressed to death. A fine polish of the sound brings new life to every song and the burning function encapsulates your sensitive sound material on audio or data CD, protecting it from any further damage.

Individual tracks, even individual passages within a track can be given their own effect settings. In addition, the entire sound can be cleaned up, refreshed and – especially important for compilations – the volume can be balanced.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 17 SE is fast, easy-to-use and very gentle: Nearly all effects are calculated in realtime during playback without damaging the recorded material in the least. The original recordings and songs remain untouched on the hard drive. You can therefore experiment to your heart’s content without having to worry about causing any lasting damage to your audio material.


  • Import old treasures from LPs, cassettes or reel-to-reel tapes as well as MP3s and web radio recordings, remove distortions like hissing or crackling and burn perfectly mastered music to CD/DVD or transfer it to any mobile device.
  • Record everything processed by your sound card – Whatever your sound card is able to process can be recorded, edited, and saved afterwards. This includes web radio stations and music on YouToube, MySpace, and other portals.
  • The intelligent startup dialog with presets will help you to immediately begin any task you want whether it’s digitizing old records, tapes or speech, removing noise from a recording or optimizing the sound of an MP3 file – the possibilities are endless!
  • This program is also an ideal companion for video editing users and podcast fans, as it allows you to automatically adjust the volume of background music for spoken recordings and supports the creation of voice overs.
  • Sound cleaning & mastering – the automatic cleaning assistant will help you to automatically detect the most common audio defects, optimize the sound and remove any unwanted noise.
Distribution of MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 17 SE has been authorized by MAGIX AG.This program is provided by MAGIX software for Kaiser Baas company.
Please note, when exporting your audio files, the AAC audio codec requires a paid activation on-line. Also available to download is a setup guide and full user manual.
Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 17 SE Full Version Download:
/Audio_Cleaning_Lab_17_SE_UK_Ansichtsversion.exe (180.78 MB)
(no serial key is needed with this pre-activated installer)


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