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Criterion Free

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Hulu and Criterion are opening up access to the Criterion Collection of streaming films for all users all weekend long.

From Feb. 14 to Feb. 18, free Hulu users in the U.S. will have access to every Criterion Collection title in Hulu’s library.

If you’re not familiar with Criterion, it’s a company dedicated to preserving and publishing the best the film world has to offer, with a focus on classic auteurs such as Kurosawa, Bergman, Kubrick, Fellini and Truffaut. The company also focuses on more contemporary films — particularly international and documentary fare.

Hulu and Criterion signed a content partnership in 2011 that brought hundreds of Criterion titles to Hulu Plus members. The films available don’t represent all of Criterion’s catalog — or even all of its streaming titles — but there are hundreds of titles available, all of incredibly high quality.

If you’re looking at kicking off your film school education, I recommend starting out with some Charlie Chaplin — The Kid is a good start — before moving onto Kurosawa (try Rashomon or Throne of Blood), Fellini (La Strada) and Bergman (The Seventh Seal), finishing with Lynch (Eraserhead) and Cassavetes (A Woman Under the Influence).

If you can’t get enough Criterion, the company also offers some of its films to other streaming partners — including Netflix. The fansite Streaming Criterions has an updated listing of Criterion DVD/Blu-ray titles available to stream.

Happy V-Day, film nerds!

Image courtesy of Hulu, Criterion Collection

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