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Best of smartphones

Best of smartphones

  • Asus PadFone 2
    1 Asus PadFone 2

    The Padfone is technically at the top level, the workmanship is very good and the accompanying Padfone station must not fear comparison with other tablets.

  • Samsung Galaxy II
    2 Samsung Galaxy II

    The gala performance in endurance continued with the acoustic measurements and ends with the equally good transmit and receive values.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III
    3 Samsung Galaxy S III

    Samsung continues with the Galaxy S III, the bar for upcoming models damn high. The opulent dimensions you get used to after a while. The advantages of the large, excellent touch screen …

  • HTC One X +
    4 HTC One X +

    Is the perfect smartphone is not even the HTC One X + is not completely flawless. After three weeks of daily life, however, is clear: it comes damn close to the ideal.

  • Apple iPhone 5
    5 Apple iPhone 5

    The new iPhone 5 convinces in test with very good handling and operation, compared to the predecessor with the display and stamina increased.

  • Asus Padfone
    6 Asus Padfone

    Asus delivers a compelling smartphone in every way that convinces with an excellent display, strong performance, good handling and firmer features.

  • Motorola Razr i
    7 Motorola Razr i

    Send shell, powerful inner life and to clever software – this is the final formula behind Motorola’s Razr i

  • Samsung Galaxy Note
    8 Samsung Galaxy Note

    When Galaxy Note blurs the line between tablet and smartphone. Who has no problem with opulent dimensions, gets here a top-model.

  • Sony Xperia V
    9 Sony Xperia V

    The Sony Xperia V in the test Druchbruch succeed in the big leagues.

  • Nokia Lumia 920
    10 Nokia Lumia 920

    Among the many undeniable technical skills of the Lumia 920 is an operator that after the first, very simple configuration, sets the new standard.

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