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The 20 best 64-bit tools for Windows 8

We present the 20 best 64-bit tools for Windows 8. If your PC is at least 4 GB of RAM

The archiving tool 7-Zip can unpack zip files, rar and many other formats, and even create compressed archives. Thanks to the Explorer integration you do out important tasks directly from the context menu of Windows Explorer.

The tool Calibre manages e-books, they can convert to different formats and transfer the file to e-book readers. A must for anyone who wants to manage his private library on their PC.

The CCleaner keeps pores clean Windows PCs for years.The Putzteufel removes temporary files and other relics, which rob unnecessary disk space.

In CDBurnerXP is much more than one would think from the name. The program not only burn data and audio CDs as well as DVDs and Blu-rays. Even the „XP” it has long outgrown and runs perfectly under Windows 8

The program HWiNFO64 tells you just about every detail about the hardware that goes into your PC – from the CPU to memory to GPU, USB ports and sound adapter.

The programming : Java‘s last discredited – countless vulnerabilities are to blame. Nevertheless, many programs require a working Java runtime environment and it’s available for Windows 8 64-bit. Make sure that you restore regular updates offered really to keep your PC safe.

The MediaCoder converts audio and video files from one format to another. So you can convert videos for playback, for example on the iPhone or an Android smartphone. The software is relatively easy to use and brings all the needed additional programs („codecs”) with the same.

The program Luminance HDR transforms multiple shots of the same scene in HDR images, brighter colors with particular intensity. The software offers a wizard that can easily create the images easily.

Microsoft Image Composite Editor adds multiple photos into a panorama. This will give you huge high-resolution images, which – right camera posture assumed – also suitable for reproduction as a poster.

The tool MediaInfo provides all the details about video files – and more time, used audio and video codecs, resolution, bit rate. Is very useful indeed. For example in the analysis of reproduction problems when converting for playback devices and assessment of different copies of the same material

The Media Player Classic Home Cinema is probably the best addition to VLC, free media player for Windows. The 64-bit version of Windows is now playing from 8 movies and music.

The Nitro Reader . boasts to be the only free PDF viewer, which allows you to create new PDF files Whether this is true remains to be seen – at least You will get a first-class 64-bit PDF reader for Windows 8

The Image Editor Paint.NET gives the finishing touch to your photos. It supports layer-based work and in addition to all major painting and drawing tools, numerous special effects.

The tool Q-Dir is the replacement for Windows Explorer dysfunctional. In particular, you can view up to four different folders at the same time in the same window and files back and procrastinate.

To develop RAW digital photos, it does not need a paid program. Even with the free software Raw Therapee you can adjust exposure, white balance and many other parameters of your recordings afterwards.

The software uTorrent is a lightweight BitTorrent client that allows you to download files from P2P networks and make them available. During installation, you should make sure to check off the numerous additional programs offered.

The Revo Uninstaller helps you spring cleaning: The program helps to pay off other software from the hard disk and is proceeding according to the manufacturer thorough than Windows itself full is 64-bit compatible only the paid version 3.0, however, you can try free for 30 days.

The VLC you have to explain any more. Nice to see that the media player, which now plays nearly everything, has done well as a 64-bit version of the Windows 8 world. This helps but so far the word „Experimental”.

Under the name Waterfox the Firefox web browser is available as a 64-bit version of Windows 8. Practical: The user profile divides the 64-bit version with the 32-bit variant. So you can easily switch between the two problems back and forth.

The package x64components brings the Windows Media Center when dealing with a number of additional file formats. It requires that you install the 32-bit Windows 8 codecs ahead.

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