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Safebox – Free 2GB online storage from Bitdefender

Safeguard. Sync. Share.
Enjoy safe, reliable, and affordable online backup, recovery, and synchronization for your important files. Now with one-click share of your files with friends and data access from anywhere on the Web.
Get 2GB freeNeed more space? Find out how!
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Ultimate silent security

Essential Silent Security
Bitdefender Safebox™ is the safest way to backup, sync and share your important docs, movies, e-books, and photos in the cloud.

Keep your favorite e-books, videos, and pictures safely encrypted in the cloud. Cross-platform on PCs, Android mobile phones, iPhones and iPads.

Share your files with family, friends, and colleagues with just one click.

Edit important documents without worries, as Safebox automatically backs them up the moment they are changed.
And that’s not all
  • – Backup and synchronize all your devices from a single account.
  • – Access your files from any Internet-connected device.
  • – Download now and enjoy 2GB of free cloud storage.
Get more space
400 Songs
400 Pictures
200 Ebooks
60GB Plan
$89.95 / year
12000 Songs
12000 Pictures
6000 Ebooks
30GB Plan
$49.95 / year
6000 Songs
6000 Pictures
3000 Ebooks
Download the free version, then simply buy more storage from:

Your newly-created
MyBitdefender dashboard

Your newly-installed
PC app

For Android
For iPhone
For iPad
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