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ToolWiz Care

How is it Different?

System Virtualization to Keep your PC Always Like New. With our best virtualization engine, your PC can deal with any virus, malware and unknown risk. You will have a solid system and it will always be like a new one.

Detect and Fix More Hidden Problems of Security and Performance. With our innovative „DEEP SCAN” technology, ToolWiz Care has the highest detection rate in the industry and it is able to find the right cause of your PC trouble.

Super Easy to Use .You’ll Learn to Use It Almost at a Glance. You do not need to be a professional or know much about computer. All you need to do is install it and a few clicks will make you enjoy the new PC feeling again.

FREE Product and FREE Dedicated Technical Support. ToolWiz Software guarantees users that our freeware will stay free forever.No matter you are home users or commercial users. Receive free dedicated technical support (7*24) from our professional team.


Toolwiz Care

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