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Ubuntu Ten Year Anniversary Quiz

Ubuntu Ten Year Anniversary Quiz

Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu and its related projects. Which of the following was the original, temporary name the company held in its first formative months?

Virtual Development Solutions

MRS Virtual Development

Debian Project Development

The Shuttleworth Foundation

Before the name was settled on, the wider Linux development community referred to Ubuntu by what informal title?

The Super Secret Debian Startup

The South Africa Project

Space Linux

Debian 2.0

Which of the following releases of Ubuntu was fronted by a Karmic Koala?

Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu 9.04

Ubuntu 9.10

Ubuntu 10.04

Unity replaced the traditional two-panel GNOME 2 desktop as the default environment in which release?

Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 11.10

What was the Ubuntu Software Center originally called before controversy forced a name change?

Ubuntu App Hub

Ubuntu Software Hub

Ubuntu App Store

Ubuntu Software Store

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is the most downloaded version of Ubuntu to date. But how many copies in total do Canonical say were downloaded in the first 24 hours?

4 Million

7 Million

12 Million

120 Million

Notify OSD, the Me Menu, the Messaging Menu and other design changes were all stewarded by which project group within Ubuntu?




Ubuntu One

In 2012 „nearly” what percentage of PCs did Canonical predict would ship with Ubuntu pre-installed?





Which release switched its sound system to PulseAudio, added Brasero to the default apps set, debuted with WUBI on the Live CD and offered a netbook-friendly interface for install?

Ubuntu 6.04 LTS

Ubuntu 7.04

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Ubuntu 9.04

Finally: to date only one Ubuntu release has arrived late. By which codename was it known?

Dapper Drake

Warty Warthog

Hoary Hedgehog

Hardy Heron

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